We have an experiential early years education programme based on Kriyactive and Xseed curriculum for 2-5 years. It lays emphasis on children’s intrinsic quality of curiosity which leads to creativity in the later years.The programme is run through play-based exploration and enquiry approach establishing cross-curricular learning across 7 key areas-Personal, Social& Emotional Development, Literacy, Communication and Language, Mathematics, Expressive Arts & Design, Physical Development and Understanding the World. The fundamental purpose of KG Program is to give value based education and develop all round personality of the children by inculcating good habits, moral values and discipline.


Through our specially designed curriculum, the students experience the joy of learning, gain a deep understanding of important concepts, learn to accept personal responsibility for actions, decisions, and outcomes and are guided by motivated, well-trained and nurturing teacher. Our students understand the relationship between ethics and academics, are at ease with speaking, singing, dancing and performing before a group, can communicate in an open, honest and respectful manner and are able to appreciate the difference between the individuals and among cultures. Our approach to teaching promotes critical thinking and creativity; encourages research-based classroom transactions and teaches respect for individual differences. The programme is designed to cater to varied learning needs and interests of young learners while fostering respect for change as well as for culture and tradition. Our futuristic classrooms create an environment that integrates technology, encourages student’s ownership of the learning process and inculcates a sense of social responsibility.

Grade VI to VIII

The knowledge and skills gained during middle school years equip students with a firm academic base to pursue a variety of educational options in future. Students are presented with opportunities to question, take risks, collaborate, assume responsibility for independent work and research and pursue individual interests.


Students from IX std become more specialized in academics and focus on their eventual career choices.


XSEED is a proven and research based academic program for school that build skill & problem solving confidence in children, XSEED children ask more question, can write in their own words, like doing word problem in mathematics, can complete their homework on their are not afraid to spea-up in English persist longer in solving problems, and score well on tests.

“Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha” was established in the year 1918 by our beloved Father of the Nation Gandhi with the sole aim of propagating Hindi in southern states. The first Pracharak was none other than Devadoss Gandhi son of Mahatma Gandhi.

British Council helps to connect young people with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK. Whether you want to learn English, teach English, take an exam or study abroad, this is the place to start.

It focuses areas like Study Skills, Life Skills and Leadership Skills. Study Skills cover speed reading, mind mapping, exam skills and super power memory. Life skills cover goal setting, personal motivation skills, relationship with parents and siblings.


Rite Stride:To create a well-rounded child, who is active, confident and healthy.
Rite Stride kids are physically fit and mentally alert.
They are ready to take on the world!
At Rite Stride we have taken the latest western concepts and applied them to our own Indian teaching methods. This, we believe has created the best possible physical and nutrition education program. We continually seek to update and improve on the educational experience. We are here to raise the bar and make a difference!
Children deserve a great start in life. Providing children the best in health,nutrition, development and learning foundation will benefits individuals as well as families.
Rite Stride is the new way of bringing fitness and healthy lifestyle programme for children from Pre -Kg to 12th.







Eversmile Learning Pvt. Ltd. Aims to offer quality learning solutions with the right blend of technology and effective instructional designing to help achieve measurable goals with teaching, learning and technology solutions. ESL encompasses a team of thorough professionals, Project Managers, Instructional Designers, Solution Architects, Game Developers, Programmers, Graphic Artists and Quality Technology professionals, each enriched with over 25 years of experience in the field of education with hands on experience in designing, developing and delivering custom eLearning solutions to Schools and Universities.



Initiative for moral and cultural training is must for growing children, we try to provide clear view about moral, ethical values and importance of our cultures to improve the standard of children.


HSL is an affordable student health care clinic setup inside school campus. HSL staff is very well qualified and experienced to understand the health problems and needs of a child at school during the school time and attend well. Hsl Educate and ensure every student is trained on First-aid, a life cycle with day-to- day health practices to follow, foods to avoid, healthy habits to follow, and the activities to undertake in case of health emergencies.


Words Worth English Language Labs assists students in learning English and developing communication skills — LSRW (Listening, Speaking, and Reading & Writing).The language lab programs have been developed to cater to the needs of school students and are available in 8 levels to develop the right pronunciation, vocabulary and semantics of speech in an environment that is devoid of regional influences.Words Worth programme for Higher Education is designed to provide a winning edge to students and aspiring professionals. The programme consists of 3 progressive levels. They are designed keeping in mind the academic pattern and style of colleges and professional institutions. Each study level helps in developing essential skills from elementary to the advance level.The program has been structured to develop pronunciation, vocabulary and semantics of speech in an environment that is devoid of regional influences.


In order to provide total education to children and good citizenship training, the school organizes different co-curricular activities through various Houses, Clubs, Educational Tours, Road Safety Patrol (RSP), Magazine, Social Service Projects, Audio – Visual Education (AV Education), Fine Arts, Scouts & Guides, Cubs & Bulbuls and Bunnies, National Green Corps (NGC), Junior Red Cross (JRC), Karuna Club, Musical Instruments, T.M, Science of Creative Intelligence, Yogasanas and Pranayama. Programmes to motivate lateral thinking in students are devised and incorporated in school curriculum.
Yogasanas and Pranayama and Meditation is a part of the value based education that is taught.Guru pooja and bhajans are conducted every Thursday.
The school fosters a high degree of competency in several co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and children are encouraged to participate in any one activity at a time such as Bharatanatyam, Archery, Carnatic music, Silambattam, Chess, Western Dance, Gymnastic, Keyboard, Karate and Painting.